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The 2023-2024 tentative schedule includes classes on beekeeping, plant propagation, essentials of agribusiness, lawn management and cover crops and more.  New events are announced throughout the year.  

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About  us

We're the South Fulton Chapter of the Georgia Young Farmer program, the adult education component of the state of Georgia's agricultural education.

Each chapter and its leader, the Young Farmer,  runs educational programs and workshops for members and for the public and provides technical assistance to farmers.

Membership in Young Farmers is open to *anyone* who is supportive of agriculture and of agricultural education.  Everyone is welcome,  there's no age limit!

South Fulton's Young Farmer is Mr. Traves Hyman, an agriculture teacher at Creekside High School in Fairburn. 

"Metro Atlanta growers benefit from expertise offered by new chapter of Georgia Young Farmers Association" — article from the Farmer's Market Bulletin 10/20/21

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When you join the South Fulton Young Farmers, you become part of a network of young farmers, backyard farmers, gardeners and supporters across the area who share resources, organize and advocate together for the future of agricultural sustainability. 

Whether you're a beginning or experienced farmer or hobby agriculturalist or are passionate about supporting the next generation of agriculture in South Fulton, we need need you!  

Our membership form is here when you're ready.  Fill it out and bring it to a meeting, or we'll have forms on hand too.

Photo album

Highlights from the chapter's first year: building raised beds at Oakley Elementary School, visiting the Sunbelt Ag Expo, growing mushrooms on logs, beekeeping, tractor safety, installing drip irrigation at the Margie's House garden, deer processing (and grilling) and more!

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We want to hear from our members and prospective members -- like what kinds of classes would you like to take? 

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South Fulton Young Farmer
Mr. Traves Hyman


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